Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin PRO IPL Depilator - 500,000 pulses of light.
Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin PRO IPL Depilator - 500,000 pulses of light.
Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin PRO IPL Depilator - 500,000 pulses of light.

Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin PRO IPL Depilator - 500,000 pulses of light.

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Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin PRO IPL Epilator

Want smooth, hair-free skin? With the IPL Concept IL5000 Perfect Skin Pro epilator, you can achieve this in the comfort of your home. It uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which has been the subject of over 15 years of clinical trials worldwide. This scientifically proven technology provides fast and long-lasting results. During hair removal, flashes of intense pulsed light reach the surface of the skin, where they act on the dark pigment of the hair. This thermal effect effectively and painlessly destroys the hair at the root and prevents it from growing back. With regular and correct use, you will have smooth skin for several months.
The epilator's lifetime is 500,000 light pulses.

The epilator is equipped with a disinfectant base, which makes the surface of the device clean and ready to use in minutes. It uses ultraviolet light technology that reliably kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and prevents them from multiplying further. All other parts of the epilator should be wiped with a damp cloth once it has cooled down.
The IL5000 IPL epilator gives you maximum freedom of movement. You can even use it without a cord, which you'll especially appreciate when traveling. With a fully charged battery, the epilator can emit up to 1350 flashes at the lowest level and up to 500 flashes at the highest level. If the battery runs out during the procedure, simply plug it into an outlet and you can continue working.

- Intensive light pulse technology
- 5 levels, 2 modes - glide, precision
- 2 magnetic overlays: bikini + face
- Application area: 3.3 cm2 + 1.4 cm2
- Eye protection sensor
- Built-in UV filter
- Mobile Concept IPL app for treatment planning
- Lamp life: 500.000 pulses
- Disinfection base
- Voltage: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: 36 W
- Wavelength: hair removal: 530-1200 nm
- Light pulse energy: max 4.5 J/cm
- Optical radiation energy: 4.3-14.8 J
- Battery: lithium ion
- Charge time: 60 min
- Can be used with or without cable
- Number of pulses when battery is fully charged (without cable): level 1 - 1350 pulses; level 2 - 1000 pulses; level 3 - 700 pulses; level 4 - 550 pulses; level 5 - 500 pulses
- Dimensions: 16.7 x 6.3 x 4.1 cm (L x W x H)
- Weight: 298 g
- Power supply: mains + battery
- Storage: box
- Color: black + gold

Set contains:
- IPL hair remover Concept, IL5000 Perfect Skin Pro

The skin you intend to epilate must be clean, dry and shaved before using the IPL epilator. Select one of the five light intensity levels appropriate for your skin type - the lighter the skin phototype, the higher the intensity level selected (recommended intensity levels for specific phototypes are described in more detail in the instructions). Press the application area of the epilator against your skin. When you press the button, the device emits a pulse of light. Avoid releasing more than one pulse on the same area of skin during one treatment. During epilation, you may feel a slight warm or tingling sensation, but in no case should it be painful. If you feel pain, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of the radiation.
The IPL epilator has a built-in safety sensor that prevents the pulse from being sent if the epilator is aimed at a free space. Thanks to this sensor, the device will only work properly if the application surface is in complete contact with the skin. Using the device is therefore safe and there is no risk of damage to the eyes, so there is no need to use special safety glasses during epilation. For facial epilation, we recommend closing your eyes during the flash. This will prevent minor glare comparable to the power of a camera flash, which does not pose a health risk, but can be unpleasant.
Repilation results may vary from user to user depending on the body part being treated, hair color and application method. After just 4 weeks of regular use, you may notice the first results on your skin. If you are just starting epilation, we recommend performing the first 4 treatments 2 weeks apart. Then repeat depilation every 4 weeks until you achieve the desired effect.

- Safe, long-lasting hair removal in the comfort of your home
- Hair removal on legs, hands, underarms, body, back, bikini line and face
- Intensive light pulse technology
- Easy to use
- Hygienic

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