8 x Energizer 13 / PR48 hearing aid batteries

8 x Energizer 13 / PR48 hearing aid batteries

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8x Energizer 13 hearing aid battery

How do you fully appreciate the benefits of zinc air technology?
After removing the protective sticker, wait at least 2 minutes before the battery starts up in the device. This time is needed for the penetration of oxygen into the structure of the battery - only then the battery is activated and reaches the appropriate voltage for operation. When operating the battery, care should also be taken that the battery compartment has the possibility of further air penetration.
The batteries will last longer if they come from fresh production (long shelf life) and are stored in a dry and cool place (avoid storing the batteries in hot places and cold places, e.g. in a refrigerator - it reduces the service life). In addition, it is worth remembering to turn off the camera at night and when it is not to be used for a long time. It is also recommended to leave the camera's battery compartment open at night - this will prevent moisture from accumulating in it, which has a negative effect on the batteries.
Beware: Use of non-Zinc Air batteries (Alkaline batteries are much weaker and can leak). Avoid keeping discharged batteries in the camera or mixing batteries of different brands or mixing new and old batteries - always replace the complete set. Also, do not keep the battery loose with metal objects.
Which shortens the battery life: a higher level of amplification in the camera, switching on additional functions, being in noise, long-lasting conversation on the phone (by the ear), high air humidity, high or low temperatures, air pollution.

- Type: zinc air battery
- Application: hearing aids and other medical devices that require reliable and efficient power.
- Nominal voltage: 1.45V
- Model: 13 / PR48
- Other markings: B0134, B26PA, AC13E, PR48, HA13, 13AU, DA13, 13HPX, ZA13, PR13H
- Mercury-free batteries - Hg 0%
- Quantity: 8 pieces
- Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.4 mm

Sada obsahuje:
- 8 x Energizer 13 hearing aid batteries

- Energizer's longest-lasting mercury-free hearing aid batteries (High power consumption).
- Energizer hearing aid batteries with PowerSeal technology protect your devices (against leakage, up to 7 days after the battery has run out, at room temperature).
- Thanks to the special Energizer EZ Turn & Lock dispenser, the batteries can be easily removed whenever needed.
- Longer straps clearly labeled in size and color make it easier to purchase and handle the battery.
- The packaging is 100% recyclable and the batteries contain 0% mercury, which reduces the negative impact on the environment.
- The perforated top of the package can be torn off to reduce its size. This facilitates transport and storage.

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